Northwest council

Council Members


Association President- Jim Koehler 

Association Vice President- Paul Kundrik  

Association Secretary- Brian Shellock  

Association Treasurer- Steve Luisser 

Little League President- Mike McGraw 

Explosion Softball Director- Jim Koehler 

Crush Baseball Director- Jim Scheetz


Brian Buchman

Brian Iasiello

Frank Stachina

Jim Coughlin

Joe Kirk

Paul Fiore

Ross Wilson


Constitution and Bylaws- Mike McGraw

Equipment-  Jim Scheetz

Fields and Property- Paul Kundrik

Machinery Maintenence- Ross Wilson 

Buildings- Frank Stachina

Ways and Means- Steve Luisser

Awards- Jim Koehler 

Community Service- Brian Shellock

Refreshment Stand- Anna Koehler  

Opening Day- Brian Iasiello

Pictures- Jim Coughlin

Fundraising- Jim Koehler , Steve Luisser

Safety- Brian Shellock

Sanitation- Joe Kirk

Website- Jim Koehler 

Year Book- Jim Koehler 

T-Ball Division Coordinator- Brian Shellock

Minors Baseball Division Coordinator- Brian Buchman

Farms Baseball Division Coordinator- Brian Shellock / Paul Kundrik

Majors Baseball Division Coordinator- Steve Luisser

Jr/Sr Baseball Division Coordinator- Paul Fiore

Minors/Farms Softball Division Coordinator- Jim Koehler / Frank Stachina

Batting Cage Coordinator- Brian Shellock

Interested in Joining?

The Northwest Youth Athletic Association is managed and served by an entirely volunteer based council. Serving from October through September, the council oversees, dictates and when needed votes on the decisions for the best interest of Northwest and the players. Meetings are held once per month. Please click below If you're interested in learning more about the council or joining.

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Responsible for coordinating the end of year awards ceremony, including all medals and trophies.

Jim Koehler:

Batting Cage

Responsible for coordinating the batting cage schedule between the Little League, Explosion, and Crush teams.

Brian Shellock:


Responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance of the buildings at the Northwest facility.

Frank Stachina: 

Community Service

Responsible for coordinating and signing off on community service opportunities.

Brian Shellock: 

Constitution and Bylaws

Responsible for reviewing and maintaining the Northwest constitution and bylaws documentation.

Mike McGraw:

Division Coordinator: T-ball

Responsible for coordination of the t-ball season, as well as being the player agent throughout. 

Brian Shellock: 

Division Coordinator: Minors Baseball

 Responsible for coordination of the minors baseball season, as well as being the player agent throughout.  

Brian Buchman: 

Division Coordinator: Farms Baseball

 Responsible for coordination of the farms baseball season, as well as being the player agent throughout.   

Brian Shellock:

Paul Kundrik:

Division Coordinator: Majors Baseball

 Responsible for coordination of the majors baseball season, as well as being the player agent throughout.   

Steve Luisser:

Division Coordinator: Jr/Sr Baseball

 Responsible for coordination of the Jr/Sr baseball season, as well as being the player agent throughout.   

Paul Fiore: 

Division Coordinator: Softball

 Responsible for coordination of the minors/farms softball season, as well as being the player agent throughout.   

Jim Koehler:


Responsible for organizing, collecting, storing and distributing equipment for all divisions.

Jim Scheetz:

Fields and Property

 Responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance of the fields at the Northwest facility. 

 Paul Kundrik: 


Responsible for coordinating the annual fundraising requirements and opening day raffle.

 Steve Luisser: 

Machinery Maintenance

 Responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance of the machinery used at the Northwest facility. 

Ross Wilson: 

Opening Day

Responsible for coordinating and securing all items needed for the opening day ceremonies.

Brian Iasiello: 


Responsible for coordinating the picture days for all divisions between Northwest and the picture vendor.

Jim Coughlin: 

Refreshment Stand

Responsible for coordinating the snack stand schedules as well as stocking inventory and running the stand.

Anna Koehler:


Responsible for managing the background clearance process and distributing safety kits to all teams.

Brian Shellock:


Responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance of the garbage and recycling at the Northwest facilities. 

Joe Kirk

Ways and Means

Responsible for coordinating general revenue opportunities for Northwest. 

  Steve Luisser:  


Responsible for management and upkeep the Northwest Little League website. 

Brian Shellock:


Responsible for coordination and creation of the annual Northwest yearbook. 

Jim Koehler:

Questions for a Committee Chairman?

For any questions or concerns with any items that fall into one of the committee above, please reach out to the Committee Chairman.