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Celebrating it's 61st year, Northwest Little League has a long history of developing players while instilling the qualities of character, courage, and loyalty that started in 1958 and continues to be taught today.  Thousands of players have shared smiles and memories and we look forward to teaching thousands more!

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All Star Team Pictures

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Northwest Presidents

Northwest Little League is an entirely volunteer based organization which begins with the countless hours and energy spent by the leadership of its President to ensure a successful year for the players. Below is a historical list of previous Presidents, whose leadership and passion for Northwest's success we are forever grateful. 

1958: J. Morris Goldfeder

1959: J. Morris Goldfeder

1960: Robert L. Miller

1961: Edward A. Weiss Jr. 

1962: Kaj Swenson

1963: Edward A. Weiss Jr. 

1964: C.T. Mitchell

1965: Royal A. Unger

1966: Royal A. Unger

1967: Royal A. Unger

1968: Royal A. Unger

1969: Royal A. Unger

1970: Royal A. Unger

1971: Royal A. Unger

1972: Hal Fenicle

1973: Hal Fenicle

1974: Hal Fenicle

1975: Rod Laughlin

1976: Hal Fenicle

1977: Hal Fenicle

1978: Hal Fenicle

1979: Hal Fenice

1980: Randy Millhouse

1981: Dave Owens

1982: Bill Stewart

1983: Dave Millhouse

1984: Jim Davidson

1985: Dave Millhouse

1986: Tom Madl

1987: Tom Madl

1988: Craig Campbell

1989: Craig Campbell

1990: Craig Campbell

1991: Craig Campbell

1992: Craig Campbell

1993: Craig Campbell

1994: Frank Dreisbach

1995: Frank Dreisbach

1996: Frank Dreisbach

1997: Frank Dreisbach

1998: Frank Dreisbach

1999: Jim Koehler

2000: Jim Koehler

2001: Jim Koehler

2002: Jim Koehler

2003: Jim Koehler

2004: Jim Koehler

2005: Jim Koehler

2006: Jim Koehler

2007: Jim Koehler

2008: Jim Koehler

2009: Jim Koehler

2010: Jim Koehler

2011: Jim Koehler

2012: Jim Koehler

2013: Jim Koehler

2014: Jim Koehler

2015: Jim Koehler

2016: Jim Koehler

2017: Jim Koehler

2018: Jim Koehler

2019: Jim Koehler